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A Pacific Legacy: A Century of Maritime Photography, 1850-1950
Price: $35.00

By Wayne Bonnett. Photographs from the Museum Archives of the San Francisco Maritime National historical Park. A Pacific Legacy was first published in 1991 by Chronicle Books and is now out of print. We have made a few copies of this hard-to-find first-edition book available to our customers. It is a remarkable treasury of Pacific Coast maritime photographs from the California Gold Rush era through the founding and explosive growth of the great seaports on San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound, the Columbia River region, and Southern California.
California Pastorale
Price $45.00
Currently Not Available

Introduction by Gary F. Kurutz
Hard Cover, 124 Pages. California scenes by early photographers.
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Architectural Terra Cotta of Gladding, McBean
Price: $45.00

By Gary F. Kurutz and Mary Swisher
Hard Cover, First Edition, Second Printing, 144 Pages.
You can order this book directly from Gladding, McBean at this link:
Build Ships! Wartime Shipbuilding Photographs: San Francisco Bay, 1940-1945
Price: $45.00

By Wayne Bonnett
Hard Cover, First Edition, 172 Pages.
Wartime Shipbuilding Photographs, San Francisco Bay: 1940-1945
A photographic chronicle of over thirty wartime shipyards in the Bay Area during Wrld War II, when over a thousand ships were built in a thousand days. The amazing story of how American shipbuilding, a declining industry in 1939, rose to the challenge and grew into an unprecedented colossus employing over 50,000 workers. Old yards like Bethlehem Shipbuilding and Moore Dry Dock Company were revitalized and new "ship factories" such as Kaiser in Richmond, joined together to build an armada larger than any the the world had ever seen. Inexperienced workers from all parts of the United States flooded into hastily-built Bay Area housing, received expedited training, and began building ships.
California Call You
Price: $50.00

By KD Kurutz and Gary F. Kurutz
Hard Cover, First Edition, Second Printing,172 Pages
The Art of Promoting the Golden State, award-winning compilation of the best California promotional graphics from 1870 to 1940.
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Gabriel Moulin's San Francisco Peninsula
Price: $75.00

By Don DeNevi and Thomas Moulin
Hard Cover, First Edition, Second Printing, 208 Pages.