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CATALINA In The Movies
Price: $15.00

By Lee Rosenthal
Soft Cover, 100 Pages.
The colorful story of how William Wrigley, Jr., owner of Catalina Island, created a movie-making enterprise on the island in the 1920s and 1930s. And the Hollywood celebrities who came to work and stayed to play. A catalog of over 270 movies shot  in part or in total on Catalina, many rare production photos. A must have for movie lovers and lovers of Catalina, The Magic Isle.
SAUSALITO, Moments in Time
Price $35.00

By Jack Tracy
Hard Cover Centennial Edition, 186 Pages.
Pictorial history of Sausalito during its first century, from 1850 to 1950.
Victorian Classics of San Francisco
Price: $35.00

Introduction by Alex Brammer
Hard Cover, First Edition, Third Printing.
A fabulous reprint of the 1888 book "Artistic Homes of California," with original text plus added commentary.
Complete descriptions of the best examples of Victorian architecture of San Francisco.
Isaiah West Taber: A Photographic Legacy
Price: $45.00

By Wayne Bonnett
Hard Cover, First Edition, 168 Pages. Isaiah West Taber was one of California's most prolific and outstanding photographers of the nineteenth century. A combination of rare museum-quality photographs and the remarkable story of Taber himself, from his arrival in San Francisco during the Gold Rush, to the loss of his glass negatives in the 1906 earthquake and fire.
San Francisco Golden Age Postcards
Price: $45.00

By Glenn D. Koch, Hard Cover, First Edition, Second Printing, 188 Pages.
This is THE San Francisco postcard book! Over 750 postcards, photos, artifacts and souvenirs. A stunning pictorial history of San Francisco's Golden Age as seen through vintage postcards and memorabilia. Collector and author Glenn Koch has assembled a visual mosaic often bypassed by scholarly histories of San Francisco. Here is a colorful insight into how one of America's best-loved cities presented itself to the world, from  the 1906 earthquake and fire, through pageants, parades, and world fairs. Includes photos of unique neighborhoods, schools, cemeteries and churches, hotels, and  restaurants.

The book includes a special section on the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) , a singular event that set the high-water mark for unabashed self promotion and pageantry. Here in one volume are some of the most rare and colorful graphics ever produced as postcard art.
SAN FRANCISCO Gateway to the Pacific
Price: $50.00

By Wayne Bonnett
Hard Cover, First Edition, 144 pages.
Photographs from early San Francisco through the great
age of steamship travel to the 1950s.
Presidio Soldiers: San Francisco and Beyond
Price: $50.00

By Wayne Bonnett
Hard Cover, First Edition, 144 Pages.
From the Presidio of San Francisco to remote Alaskan outposts, to Northern Mexico in search of Pancho Villa, Tucker Beckett photographed the lives of ordinary soldiers in extraordinary circumstances. With his hand-held Kodak he created a remarkable document and captured the spirit of soldiering in the early twentieth century.
Ranches & Rolling Hills: Art of West Marin, A Land in Trust
Price $50.00

RANCHES & ROLLING HILLS: Art of West Marin - A Land in Trust
By Elisabeth Ptak. With essays by Jean Stern and Michael Whitt. Hard Cover, First Edition.
135 full-color paintings of western Marin County, one of California's most sublime landscapes, a rural area just north of the Golden Gate. The work of forty well-known plein air and studio artists, the book represents the best of ten years of the annual art show, Ranches & Rolling Hills, by MALT (Marin Agricutural Land Trust), a model for agricultural land preservation efforts across the nation.
The artwork in this book exemplifies a special partnership between family farmers, artists, and conservationists. the farmers whose ranches, animals, and crops are depected here are lifelong stewards of the land, safeguarding a personal and community heritage. The artists are dedicated to helping preserve the land that inspires their art. Fifty percent of their income from the show (and the proceeds from this book) assists Marin Agricultural Land Trust in acquiring agricultural easements in voluntary transactions with ranchers to protect farmland in Marin County.
CALIFORNIA & THE CAMERA: From Glass to Film, 1850-1930
Price: $50.00

California & the Camera, by Wayne Bonnett. First Edition, hardcover,144 pages. A visual study of the camera from its invention to the 1930s, and California history as it was portrayed in photography during the same time period. The book is a sampling of the rich legacy left by generations of photographers who experienced the camera's evolution and focused their lenses on California and the events that shaped it.