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Read what others say about Windgate Press and our publications:
"Windgate Press is fast becoming, in terms of photographic essays, what Mikimoto is to pearls. Or, better put, Linda and Wayne Bonnett might be said to be, in the field of illustrated books, the equivalents of the Grabhorns in letterpress printing. They are absolute masters of reproduction and enhancement of historic photographs, their alchemy apparently involving over the years, duotone, laser, and digital processes. Their pictorials are anything but the "coffee table books" long given a bad name because of their careless choice and use of pictures, trivial texts, and scissors-and-paste overall design."           — Richard Dillon, Author and Historian
"Windgate Press is owned and and run by people with a dedicated vision. Linda and Wayne Bonnett share a love of history and the desire to preserve old photographs."      — Lisa See, Author
San Francisco: Gateway to the Pacific
"This book explores San Francisco through period photographs and graphics as it served as the major embarkation point to the Pacific from the Gold Rush through Worlds War II. This is the latest offering from Windgate Press, and as usual, it is loaded with the highest quality full-color reproductions of prints, maps, photos, advertisments, etc. Windgate simply is the finest publisher of graphic illustrations in the world."        — Carl Mautz, Vintage Photography and Publishing
San Francisco Golden Age Postcards
"What lover of San Francisco could resist having this book on the coffee table or bookshelf, readily accessible for repeated and deightful viewing? There has been been a flurry of books of hometown postcard views released recently, but this collection of San Francisco postcards shows a city in a way overlooked by other publishers and historians. On the one hand, the superb color printing sets it apart; on the other, it is long on visuals and short on text. From my viewpoint as a veteran postcard collector and a third generation San Franciscan I must state that this is truly an exceptional book."        — Lewis Baer