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In addition to fine books, Windgate Press publishes art and illustration in various forms.
 Below are three Windgate companion websites featuring our images. 
To see illustration art created between 1880 and 1920 for books and magazines,
This is an educational site, nothing to buy, just a pleasant journey through the Golden Age of Illustration. You will find information about famous and little-known artists from the era, drawings, paintings, and cartoons about a variety of subjects. Images include works by Elizabeth Shippen Green, Howard Pyle, Harrison Fisher, Aubrey Beardsley, Charles Dana Gibson, Jesse Wilcox Smith, and many others.
For Windgate Press vintage images of art and illustration available as note cards, posters, and other products, visit our online store at this link:
This is a Zazzle site, where you can use our grapics to create custom greeting cards, high-quality prints of select images, and even create mouse pads or custom postage stamps.
If you are looking for royalty-free high-resolution downloads of vintage art and illustration for use in commercial graphics, visit Windgate’s Palma Collection at this link:
You can search by subjects, such as illustrated subject as children, religion, or fantasy.